Our Pricing

We believe your business and tax requirements are unique to you, there isn’t a simple ‘one size fits all’, or in this case, ‘one fee fits all’. There are different requirements, priorities, pain points, complexities and goals for every client, which is why we don’t have a ‘price list’ and why you won’t find a fixed monthly charge for our services.

The fees we charge should reflect the work required to provide you with the level of service you want, need and deserve. We will talk to you to determine your goals, the quality of your books and records and the size and complexity of your business. Our fees depend on your circumstances, and no two clients are the same.

Are you running a £20m business with 100 employees or are you a one-man band?

Do you have an in-house bookkeeper or do you require us to do all the leg work?

These are just a couple of questions to illustrate why we can’t simply quote a set price.

Comparing accountancy fees isn’t just about comparing the price, especially when it comes to a bespoke service. We listen to our clients to understand them and their needs, that way we can provide the best service possible, to deliver the insight and support needed for them to grow.

Historically, accountants have charged purely on a time basis, which can leave the client without certainty as to how much the work will end up costing them.  Time can be a poor metric for billing as it may only take an hour or two to perform a task, but that doesn’t take into consideration the experience and knowledge required to complete the task.

When it comes to the right accountant for you and your needs, it is important to not just focus on cost. The right accountant should be an investment, not an overhead.

Each client will have different expectations with respect to what they want from their accountant, which is why we want to learn about our client’s businesses and listen to their experiences. In doing this, we hope to create a better service for our clients through a strong, professional relationship.

We believe that a good accountant will earn their fee and add value to their client, exceeding the cost of the accountancy fee itself.

Each client will have different expectations when it comes to what they want from their accountant which is why we recommend booking an initial discovery call to establish if we would be a good fit to work together.

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If you are a looking for a friendly, approachable and professional accountancy practice, you have come to the right place.

Whether it’s tax planning services, business services, payroll, bookkeeping or management accounts, we have the specialist expertise to meet your needs.

Our friendly team are ready to tailor our services around you to ensure that you focus on the things that really matter, whether you are an individual, sole trader or an owner-managed business.

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