In a world of digitalisation, the idea of going to a petty cash tin to buy a pint of milk feels somewhat archaic. Thankfully, there are companies that are already miles ahead, such as Pleo.

Pleo is a new way to manage business spending, bringing an end to reimbursements & end-of-month expense reports. How does it work? Watch the video below to find out!

Founded in Copenhagen in 2015 and launched in the UK in 2017, Pleo works with companies of all sizes, across every industry. Pleo enables employees to buy what they need for work whilst at the same time keeping the company in full control of all spending as it enables the companies to set individual spending limits, and have a real-time overview of all spending.

A Pleo card is used in the same way you would use any other bank card. You can add it to your wallet on your smartphone in the same way you add any other payment cards. You can use your Pleo card with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Paperwork? Gone. As receipts are captured on the go, once you have made a purchase, you’ll receive a notification from Pleo telling you to upload your receipt, simply take a photo of your receipt from your device & upload it straight to the Pleo app, and there is no need to keep the physical receipt. If you need to make any notes regarding the purchase you have made, you can do so in the app.

Pleo cards have bank-level security, (FSA & PCI regulated) & they can be used anywhere that you see a MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

Pleo has a feature called Pleo Fetch which pairs up the receipt in your Gmail, Outlook or Microsoft 365 inbox with the matching Pleo expense. Fetch doesn’t just search for receipts as they come into your email account; it can sniff out any missing receipts from the last year and it will then notify you when the search has finished. Pleo doesn’t store your emails and Fetch will only retrieve messages that contain receipts

Pleo integrates beautifully with accounting software systems, including QuickBooks and Xero meaning no more chasing receipts or end-of-month panicking. To learn more about how brilliant Pleo can be for you & your business, visit:

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